Nordic Walking

What does it consist of?

The origins of this sport are in the 30s, when most cross-country skiers already included in their summer and fall trainings what they called “walking with sticks” or “walking with sticks”, in order to improve the condition physics and power in winter begin workouts with a greater intensity.

The NW offers people concerned about their health, an easy and fun way to enjoy a walk in the mountains.

It revolutionizes the concept that unites sport and health, informing practitioners of the benefits of practicing this form of controlled and effective exercise.
Developed jointly with the medical community and sports professionals, a new easily assimilable concept is offered. As simple as incorporating walking sticks into the activity of walking will substantially improve our physical and psychic state.

For all ages, we work the whole body

It is a sport for all audiences, which stands out for its easy and fast learning and in turn for the low feeling of tiredness during its practice, by removing load and reducing the impacts on the muscles and joints of the legs.
Nordic walking is an aerobic exercise in which many muscle groups throughout the body intervene by incorporating the aids with the sticks, all maintaining a moderate intensity. This involvement of many muscle groups translates into high oxygen consumption and the work of the trunk and arms muculature; a musculature that most people do not exercise during their daily lives.

We can combine it with orientation circuits

This displacement technique can be combined with orientation circuits (in search of beacons marked on a map), with paths for the knowledge of mushrooms in autumn and is also compatible with interpretation routes of the environment, which include explanations about our natural environment (flora, fauna, etc.).
The routes will begin with a warm-up before starting and end with stretching.

Price and Reservations

We carry out this activity for companies, entities, schools …
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