Height training for athletes

Do you want to train at height to improve your performance?

Well now you have the best complement, sleep at height.

Sleep, train and eat a diet suitable for your training, personalized. Whether you are a cyclist, runner or trail runner, we have accommodation for you.

The port of Los Cotos, Navacerrada, Morcuera, roll between the port of Navacerrada and valdesquí, everything you need for these months.

Special price: 4 nights at the price of 3.

MP Reg .: € 96, 4 nights – 3 days

PC Reg .: € 114, 4 nights – 3 days

Prepare your training, we help you achieve your goals.

* Custom menus according to your needs, tell us and we will prepare it for you.

Benefits of training at height

Physiological benefit Less oxygen helps improve performance.

Respiratory system to the new conditions the lung capacity is considerably increased; while the cardiovascular system responds with the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.

Immune status improves, hematocrit and EPO production are increased.

Great benefits that will help your motivation for training.

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