Guided Snowshoe Route in Port of Cotos

Characteristics of snowshoe routes.

Snowshoes allow us to progress through virgin snow, much more easily than if we only did it with boots. The increase in the support surface prevents the legs from sinking under the snow.
In hard snow, the metal tips of the sole are nailed, avoiding the
possible slips

The canes help us to push ourselves, improve our balance during
the march, and also allow us to exercise the muscles of the trunk and arms.
It is an activity without technical difficulty where the canes provide us with a balance reinforcement. Wer organizes tours from the train station of Cotos. To see advice on clothing, go to the Hiking section.

Duration and difficulty of the routes.

The routes usually last between 2 and 4 hours depending on the interest of the group, sometimes we make whole-day routes with stop to eat if the group requests it.
In open or free registration activities, with “large” groups (from 20 people), we try to offer two alternatives, if we have several monitors continue with a harder route, or smooth the completion. At that time the group is divided and in this way everyone finishes a route that approximates their preferences, both those who want a longer or longer route, and those who want a less demanding route. It is not always possible to offer these alternatives.

Itinerary selection.

The tours are made through the Sierra de Guadarrama. Ascent to the Peñalara peak, Loma del Norwegian in the direction of Bola, Siete Picos, Valdesquí, etc.
When the snow level allows, we begin the routes through lower areas, starting from Camorritos, La Barranca, Hospital de la Fuenfría, etc. In case of having a very adverse meteorology, with blizzard in the high areas, we look for routes with the forest shelter.

What does we contribute?

Snowshoes, and two canes per person. 1 monitor for every 20 people maximum. Liability insurance. Optional accident insurance for activity contracted for a group.

Recommended dress.

Mountain boots that have “filming”. Apresky boots do not fit well in the racket fixings. Comfortable mountain pants. If the day is hot it is not advisable to wear ski pants. Fleece. Windbreaker (waterproof jacket). Cap, gloves and sunglasses.
If you do not have some water-resistant hiking boots, it is advisable to wear a pair of socks and shoes to replace after finishing the route.

More advice on clothing entering “THE THEORY OF THE THREE LAYERS”.


Provide water or isotonic drink. Some light and energetic food (energy bar, snack, fruit, nuts, chocolate, etc.). Sun protection cream. Small backpack.
Includes monitors, material and civil liability insurance.

Reserve of € 10 in the account number entered into the BBVA account 0182 2507 28 0201529117 in the name of Todoaventur S.L.

Group Prices

In group (from 8 people) adult € 20 – Children € 15 (up to 14 years old)

Prices for small groups

In case you cannot join other groups or prefer an exclusive monitor, for groups less than 8 people the prices are as follows:
Group of 7 people € 30 / person
Group of 6 people € 35 / person
Group of 5 people € 40 / person
Group of 4 people € 45 / person
Group of 3 people € 50 / person
Group of 2 people € 70 / person
Includes monitor and equipment (rackets and canes)

Price for schoolchildren


Mixed Activity Offer

Snowshoeing + cross-country skiing with shelter night and half board:
€ 69 / person.

It includes:
Day 1
• Night route with snowshoes 2 hours. With rise to the 2000 level and view of the Peñalara circus, and return by the same descent. In case of adverse weather conditions, forest tours will be searched. I start at 7:00 p.m.
• Dinner
• Night at the shelter

Day 2
• Breakfast
• Cross-country skiing 4 hours in the cross-country ski circuit with a monitor for every 10 people maximum.
Includes: ski course on Saturday or Sunday (with monitor and ski equipment included), snowshoes and poles, dinner, night in shelter and breakfast. € 69 / person VAT included.
On available dates.

Information and reservations

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Snowshoe rental without material

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