Guadarrama High Route

Do you want to discover the Sierra de Guadarrama?

You can do it all year round a total of 127km and 13.200m of unevenness, you can do it walking or running.

Alta Ruta Guadarrama is a high mountain crossing. An experience that you live with the 5 senses.
An adventure to be fit and want to live the mountain.
During the stages, you can rest and enjoy the different accommodations associated with the project, where they will facilitate everything for an adventure with landscapes and unique moments.
In our case, we offer you our refuge, in the center of the National Park and halfway, where you can regain strength and eat well. If you want a special menu, call us before you arrive and organize it.

The Sierra de Guadarrama has always been a border line.
In any of its summits and hills there are traces of empires, battles, conquests, stories and much inspiration from artists, philosophers and great intellectuals who made the Guadarrama Mountains a way of teaching and popular culture.
The High Route ( is a multi-day mountain crossing in the summits, forests and valleys of the last national park declared in Spain, saving the impending declaration of the Sierra de las Nieves with the maximum figure of protected space .

Activities and Organization

The Organization is committed to eco-sustainable activities. In order not to modify the genuine characteristics of the landscape and avoid contributing to the ecological footprint of the manufacture of paintings, the route has no specific marks. Most of the route runs along traditional roads for historical use and by paths already marked and approved as GR, PR or Local Path, (white and red, yellow and white and green and white marks respectively) but it is essential to have guidance knowledge: Read the map, use compass and GPS correctly.

The stages

The stages of the High Route cover the main massifs and peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama and are proposed among towns with mountain lodges or shelters. The journey begins in Rascafría and the first day jumps the daring port of Reventón to end in the monumental village of La Granja de San Ildefonso, then traces the ambush valley of Eresma through the beautiful pine forests of Valsaín to the port of Cotos, passing through the summit of the great Peñalara and spend the night in El Refugio de Cotos, mountain refuge

The third stage is the famous Long Rope crossing, through the summits of Cabezas de Hierro, Asómate de Hoyos and the historic port of Morcuera, to Miraflores de la Sierra. The unique and exceptional kingdom of La Pedriza is also in the trekking of the High Route, you can not miss such a special place. The route enters the pedricero environment through the isolated and distant hill of the Window and closes a magnificent stage in the Giner de los Ríos Refuge. The distance of each day can be adapted to the rhythm of each mountaineer, bivouac along the way, camping is prohibited throughout the mountains but the sunset and sunrise can be made vivacious.

The climb through the Manzanares River valley to the Bola del Mundo or Alto de las Guarramillas is long and hard. The route of the High Route proposes to go down to the cozy Peñalara Lodge to rest and sleep, in the port of Navacerrada, and climb again the next day to the Ball to descend the Norwegian Hill and continue through the Angostura Valley towards Scratching An option on the days of late spring and summer is to join the two stages and descend directly from the Alto de las Guarramillas.


Peñalara (2,428 m)
The ascent to the top of the emblematic Peñalara on the north face, from La Granja, is a fairly unprecedented and original ascent. The normal route is the itinerary down by Dos Hermanas to the port of Cotos. In winter and early spring it is easy to find ice in the Risco de los Pájaros and the Crest of Claveles, before reaching the Peñalara.

Cabezas de Hierro (2.383 m)
It is a twin summit, with two twin peaks, on the famous Long Rope crossing. The trekking access to the summit in the third stage through the glacial circus of Las Cerradillas, one of the most intact and beautiful corners of the mountains, with valuable ecosystems of mountain turbines, centennial pine trees and herds of mountain goats.

Maliciosa (2.227 m)
The southern slope offers the most alpine and rugged aspect of the summits of Guadarrama, with several channels very visited when snow and ice cover the mountain. On the other hand, on the north side, it is a gentle and gentle slope with a very comfortable path from the Piornal pass, the crossing point on the sixth mountain day.

Accommodation and lodging

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