Extracurricular activities for schools in the Port of Cotos within the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

We specialize in extracurricular activities for schools.

In Cotos Refuge we are specialists in activities for schools in the Port of Cotos, since we are in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, we take advantage of this exceptional environment to carry out thematic activities and promote the care of nature, the knowledge and team sport.

Our goal is to transmit the values ​​of conservation and protection of the beautiful environment in which we find ourselves, through environmental education activities, where participants in our activities can discover the importance of our mountains and carry out different activities depending on which the teacher Want to convey to your students.

What do we offer in our extracurricular activities?

We offer an experience of life, enjoyment and nature, learn to know and respect our environment, in addition to promoting essential values ​​in nature such as companionship and fun.

Autumn Activities: paths with environmental and sports training
Winter Activities: winter trails, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, sledding fun, snowshoeing
Spring activities: paths with environmental training, gymkanas and orientation programs
Summer activities: multi-venture camps
* All activities can be done in Spanish or English

Our extracurricular activities in the mountains

Environmental education activities:

They are activities in which we will discover our National Park, they are not closed activities since we adapt them to the needs of the center that visits us. We do educational tours and workshops on ecosystems or our rivers. An experience where to begin to know our closest environment that is our mountain range, and where to take our classroom to the mountain.

Physical sports activities:

We promote sports in nature through routes, gymkanas or orientation races, where companionship and fun will be our main engine. As an addition we will have winter activities with snowshoes or cross-country skiing available to anyone who wants it.

Groups cannot exceed 50 participants per day except in cross-country skiing that a quota of 60 people can be completed.

Activities in English for Bilingual schools

For bilingual education centers we offer the possibility of carrying out activities in English. We have bilingual monitors so that communication with students is perfect and empowers and practices the language outside of classes in a different environment.

Prices of extracurricular activities

For autumn and spring activities, the price per student will be € 8 per student, with the possibility of picnic for € 4.5 separately.

The prices of winter activities are as follows:
Snowshoes: € 16 per student on school day.

Cross-country skiing: € 18 per student on school day.

All prices for school groups are subject to the following offer: Every 25 students will have a free of charge and those responsible for the groups will have the activity free of charge.

Ages of the activities

Infant, primary, secondary and high school courses can participate in the activities as we adapt the activities to the ages and levels of the participants.

Our Monitors

All our staff is qualified and has the experience and ability to perform these activities. We have many years of experience in carrying out activities in the mountains with girls and boys of all ages.

Actividades campamento puerto cotos

Alumnos en una actividad de orientación

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