Cross-country skiing course in the Port of Cotos

Cross-country skiing in the Port of Cotos

Cross-country skiing, also called Nordic skiing, is a very healthy aerobic activity, which consists of traveling with very light skis along paths and forest slopes of moderate inclination, with the advantage of being able to practice it in natural spaces.
We do not need lifts, we push ourselves, freely tracing our route through spaces away from the crowds that occur on weekends in the Sierra.

Cross-country skiing features

Cross-country skiing is an exercise in which many muscle groups are involved at aerobic intensity with high oxygen consumption (even above swimming levels).
This sport can be practiced in forests, in search of little traveled natural spaces.
The risk of injury is much lower than alpine skiing due to the low slope of the slopes, the low speeds that are reached and the freedom of movement of the heels in the fixation.

Course duration 4 hours

During the first hour and a half approximately the basic technique of displacement with cross-country skis is taught, “the wedge” is practiced to stop, we see different exercises to improve technical details and to better coordinate movements.
In a short time, beginners get acquainted with this way of getting around, and after a short break to hydrate and eat something fast, we dedicate the second part of the course to an excursion throughout the circuit. If the snow conditions are adequate we will enter through the descent of the forest.

If you want to start in this sport we recommend that at least the first time you start with a teacher who provides several tips and apply exercises to learn more quickly and successfully. Your second day of practice can be perfectly without a monitor, after an initiation course you can move on your own autonomously and improve your technique by practicing this sport more.

Places for practice

Cross-country skiing activity normally takes place in the cross-country skiing circuit of Puerto Cotos. The meeting point is El Cotos Refuge, inside the cafeteria of the Cotos train station for the courses of the Cotos circuit.

Material we provide

Classic cross-country skis, with scales in the central part to propel forward. We also have two skating-style ski equipment for advanced practitioners.

Boots compatible with SALOMON fixing.

Canes to boost.

Parts of the course

• Delivery of material and distribution of groups with monitors.
• Practice of the basic sliding technique in classic style.
• Wedge learning, braking.
• 10 minute stop to drink liquid and energy food.
• Co-ordination exercises and to improve impulse efficiency.
• Final excuse.

Private class, 1 or 2 people

3-hour course, with rental of material: € 105 per person

Prices for groups

  • 3-hour course, with rental of material for 3-4 people: € 60 / person
  • 3-hour course, with rental of material for 5-6 people: € 50

Course of 4 days, 4 hours, minimum 4 participants

  • Cross-country courses, 4 participants.
    Working Monday (4 days of course): € 160 person
  • Saturday or Sunday course (4 day course): € 180 person
  • Cross-country skiing course, 6 to 8 participants.
    Saturdays or Sundays (4 days of course): € 160

Includes monitor, cross-country ski equipment (skis, poles and boots).

Special groups and schools

We have special prices for groups of more than 8 people. We also make special packages and prices for schools. Contact us.

Food and accommodation

There is always the possibility of being able to stay in our refuge with breakfast, half board or full board and enjoy a full activity in the middle of nature.

Information and Reservations

General Information José Muro 683 598 774 o 657 952 969, Carlos

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