Course and orientation circuit with map and compass

What is the orientation sport?

The orientation circuits are crossed by passable terrain, in search of controls drawn within a map. This map with contours, allows you to appreciate in detail the roads, slopes, buildings, rivers, etc .; in order to locate the beacons placed on the ground.

With this physical activity, in addition to taking a walking tour of natural spaces, you learn to understand the maps and develop the sense of orientation. It is an advisable activity for all ages and especially useful for older people and children, since it sharpens the sense of orientation, helps to improve the reading of the maps, and allows us to overcome the fear of not recognizing our location on the mountain.

What is the tour?

During an hour-long walk on the ground, the instructors teach how to interpret the map and how to use the compass. It is an entertaining way to draw a route in search of controls that certify our passage through several points. We can travel on foot or by running, depending on the objective we propose, whether it is a playful approach or if we want to make it competitive by timing the times.

The orientation is fun sport, widely practiced in the Nordic countries, and can be adapted to different ages, with individual tours or by groups in initiation.

Promote teamwork

Many companies look for this type of activities to promote teamwork, discover leadership qualities within their templates, and awaken strategies to achieve goals. The orientation as a sport, has more and more presence within the programs for schoolchildren because of their affinity with the objectives of Physical Education.

Price and Reservations

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